Joel Veness

Research Scientist, Google DeepMind


  • MC-AIXI (2009-2011)

v1.0 mc-aixi(fac-ctw) source

An implementation of the reinforcement learning agent used to generate the results in A Monte-Carlo AIXI Approximation. See my publications section for more information.

  • Context Tree Switching (2011)

v1.0 CTS source and Windows binaries

An implementation of Context Tree Switching (CTS), a new general purpose data compressor. See here for a technical description.


  • Goanna (2007)

A small MCTS-based Go program, written quickly in the second half of 2007 for the purposes of gaining some practical experience with the UCT algorithm in a competitive setting. Competed in a few KGS tournaments (28th, 29th, 31st) under the handle agog, with a best place finish of 2nd. Rated at 2319±18 Elo on the CGOS 9x9 Go Server.

  • Bodo (2005)

A generic alpha-beta search chess program I developed as an undergraduate student in 2005. Played thousands of games on the Internet Chess Club under the handle bodo. Competed in a number of online computer chess tournaments, with the best results being a 1st from 12 in the (Australian) NC3 2005, and an equal 17th/54 in the (world-wide) CCT6 and CCT8 events.



mc-aixi v2.0 underway...

CTS v1.0 released!